Mike Leach, the Funniest and Most Endearing Man in College Football, Needs a Miracle

After a medical emergency on Sunday night, Coach Mike Leach, Mississippi State Bulldogs, was taken to the hospital. The news is not good.

People familiar with the matter say that Leach is in poor health and requires a miracle to survive.

Mike Leach needs a miracle, folks. Continue to pray.

— Robbie Faulk (@robbiefaulk247) December 12, 2022

Although it is not known what Leach is experiencing, I have received information that it was a cardiac attack.

Millions of people are praying right now for Leach because he is the type of person that draws that kind of support. His personality has been called the most endearing and funniest in college football.

These are his most memorable hits.

The best Mike Leach moment

— Ben McDonald (@Bmac0507) December 12, 2022

So @AlyssaLang asked @Coach_Leach for wedding advice. He told her to elope. This is fantastic:

— Clay Travis (@ClayTravis) October 3, 2022

Washington State’s Mike Leach continues to be the best quote in sports. His answer to a reporter who asked for marriage advice going into his wedding ( by @AaronQ13Fox)

— Darren Rovell (@darrenrovell) November 22, 2017

Leach is the Senator John Kennedy of football. His dry sense of humor is infectious and resonates with everyone. He has also brought his “air raid” system to Starkville MS and won games in SEC West. This is no small feat considering how competitive that division is.

Simply put, Leach is what college football needs more. Let’s hope he continues to be a great coach and helps with many more games. We ask for prayers.

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