Biden Makes Weird, Insulting Comment in Front of African Leaders

It can be difficult to cover Joe Biden. Sometimes you find yourself looking at incoherent things and wondering, “What was his point?” At other times, you see clear statements but wonder, “Oh my God! Did he just say that?” It’s just too ridiculous and/or horrible.

His most recent comment likely answers both of these questions. We previously wrote about his breakdown as he attempted to defeat the teleprompter at U.S. Africa Business Forum. He also promised to invest billions in Africa.

He also spoke at Thursday’s U.S. Africa Summit Leaders Session. It turned out that $55 billion was needed to meet Agenda 2063 — which is supposed to promote inclusive and sustainable development.

Biden: We plan to commit $55 billion in Africa “to support Agenda 2063”

— Tom Elliott (@tomselliott) December 15, 2022

We noted that he is paying South Africa $8 billion in tax dollars to close down its coal plants and that he is giving $2 billion to Angola. This is because he favors the use of reliable energy to replace it. It’s unlikely that this will backfire as it did here.

After having already dropped $100 billion on Ukraine, this huge amount of money Biden is referring to committing. He is just distributing our money like an ATM to all the world. It’s hard to imagine what this is doing to our economy, and to our huge debt.

Joe Biden made a comment about the U.S. that could be interpreted as insulting Africa or America, but it was certainly insulting the poor. I don’t think he understood what he meant here, and I don’t believe he does.

Biden to the Africa leaders summit: “As I told some of you who invited me to your countries, be careful what you wish for because I may show up. The poor relatives always show up. The wealthy ones never do. The poor come and they eat your food, stay longer than they should.”

— Greg Price (@greg_price11) December 15, 2022

Biden stated, “As I told some people who invited me to visit your countries, be cautious what you wish for as I might show up.” “The relatives of the poor always show up. The wealthy do not. The poor visit and eat your food longer than they should.

Biden isn’t poor or African, although we wouldn’t be surprised at any of the false claims he has made in the past. We are not poor as a nation — even though we might become poorer, considering how he’s draining our tax dollars. But, is he telling them that we are going to take their resources? If I was them, that would be what it sounds like. If I were these African leaders, that comment would not be encouraging.

Is Biden trying to claim that the African leaders are “poor relatives” since they’re here to make deals? That would be quite insulting and possibly a little racist. Based on the racist remarks he has made in the past I don’t doubt this. Biden is a difficult man to understand.

He is certainly putting the poor down, regardless of his policies. He doesn’t mind people illegally entering our country, but many are there for economic reasons. Joe Biden finds this to be very cool.

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