Stacey Abrams Commits a Disqualifying Self-Own in Desperate Attack on Brian Kemp

Although Democrats are known for being apathetic, they know that self-awareness is a key factor in their 2022 midterm election campaign. If large numbers continue to feel the pain from inflation, Democrats will not do well.

You’re probably seeing them because Joe Biden is trying to insult the intelligence and intelligence of the American people. He redefines words like “recession”, “inflation” and “inflation” and then gaslights the hell out of people by lying about the “Inflation Reduction Act”.

All this leads me to the statement Georgia Democratic nominee for the gubernatorial office Stacey Abrams made on Twitter this week about the economic state – or as she put it, the economic state of Georgia.

Contrary to the Biden Administration’s blatant claim that we had “zero” inflation in July, Abrams acknowledged the fact that inflation was a serious issue. She did not mention it in the tweet, but she blamed Gov. Abrams for the rise in inflation and other problems. Brian Kemp

In Brian Kemp’s Georgia, rent is sky high, inflation has destabilized our economy, and the price of groceries is increasingly out of reach. He can point the finger as much as he likes, but either this is the economy he created or it’s not.

— Stacey Abrams (@staceyabrams) August 9, 2022

It’s not like I’m an economics expert and I haven’t been awarded a Nobel Prize for it as Paul Krugman, but I am pretty certain that this is how the system works. She would have been 100% right if she had put Joe Biden’s America where Brian Kemp’s Georgia was. Kemp is not a governor of a state and has no control over the federal monetary policy.

Kemp also has nothing to do with Georgia’s high rent. That’s something we can thank Democrats for because it’s not due to inflation or policies that Democrats put in place during the coronavirus pandemic. Landlords were forced to foot the rent for months to renters who couldn’t afford to live there or didn’t want the rent.

The state’s economy has been also affected by Georgia Democrats like Senator Raphael Warnock and Stacey Abrams, who in 2021 sabotage their state to gain political advantage over the Georgia election bill. These deliberate actions resulted in the loss of the MLB All-Star Game and the millions in revenue that would have gone with it.

Either Stacey Abrams believes Georgia voters are too dumb to see she is trying to con them here

A vote for Stacey is a vote for someone who thinks you’re an idiot.

— Marjo Lightfoot (@marmadukebj16) August 11, 2022

Or she doesn’t understand that inflation and the sky-high prices Americans continue to face are not related to her opponent.

A Democrat discovers inflation is skyrocketing in America.

Of course, she has no idea why.#Bidenflation

— Ted Cruz (@tedcruz) August 11, 2022

In my humble opinion, neither one is superior.

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