VP Harris Compares Texas Dem Stunt To The Legacy Of Civil Rights Leaders

Vice President Kamala Harris recently praised the Texas Democrats who fled their state to prevent voting on an election integrity bill presented by the GOP in the state legislature. The entire Texas House Democratic Caucus chartered a $100,000 private plane and departed for Washington D.C. This left the Texas house without two-thirds of their lawmakers and preventing a vote. VP Harris told an audience at a Detroit event that the Democrats were “showing extraordinary courage and commitment.” Of course.

“I applaud them standing for the rights of all Americans and all Texans to express their voice through their vote. I will say that they are leaders who are marching in the path that so many others before did, when they fought and many died for our right to vote,” VP Harris said.

Ironically, VP Harris and the Texas Democrats are suppressing more votes by refusing to represent the American people and make their own votes in the legislature. It is nothing compared to Civil Rights leaders who gave their lives for the right to vote.

VP Harris went on to say that the Texas Dems are “protecting democracy” and that Congress should follow their lead to pass the For The People Act and the John Lewis Voting Rights Act.

Democrats have vowed to remain out of the state through the end of the special legislative session, even though there is a risk for arrest by law enforcement officials. The radical-left lawmakers have created a lack of jurisdiction by leaving the state. Texas Gov. Greg Abbott said the moment they step back into the state they will be arrested and brought back to the Capitol to conduct business.

Texas Democrats didn’t seem too stressed and posted pictures like they were on a getaway vacation. Images showed them all smiles on the private jet and another image showed the group on a bus to the airport with a case of Miller Lite. They were all maskless and grinning ear-to-ear.

Gov. Abbott warned that they needed to put aside their “partisan political games” of flying across the country on cushy private planes and get back to the job they were elected to do. He said that their votes affected property tax relief and money for children in foster care.

“Their constituents must not be denied important resources simply because their elected representatives refused to show up to work,” Abbott tweeted.

Over 50 Democrats have been hiding in a $200/night hotel, with VP Harris continuing to praise their “sacrifice” of fleeing the state and sabotaging the American Democracy. They are staying at The Washington Plaza Hotel in Northwest D.C, which features a luxury outdoor pool and private lounge area. VP Harris met with the lawmakers and said their actions amounted to a “courageous stand” and that defending the right of the American people to vote is as “American as Apple pie.” I’m pretty sure there was a New York Times article last month about cultural appropriation surrounding apple pie. Now it’s okay?

Democrats have continued to mock Gov. Greg Abbott and ditch their job duties. Texas state Rep. Gene Wu even posted a response to threats of arrest. He uploaded a picture of a caesar salad and beverage captioning it, “My first meal as a fugitive. Delicious.”

Texas Sen. Ted Cruz criticized the vice president over her support of the Texas Democrats who fled the state. He called it “pretty ridiculous” to applaud for actions for being “in line” with the legacy of civil rights leaders.

“Last I checked, the heroic civil rights protesters on the Edmund Pettus Bridge were not in a private chartered jet, they didn’t have a case of Miller Lite next to them. Look, these are partisan Democrats playing a political stunt and they’re desperate for media attention. They’re getting it. The Biden administration wants to play politics, and so they’re doing that. But this is going to fail,” Cruz said.

This is nothing more than a political stunt wasting taxpayer money. They’ll have to vote sooner or later and with several of these lawmakers barely winning their last elections, this won’t help them win their next one. Democrats just can’t help but over-exaggerate everything they do.

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