Staffers Say VP Harris Made Them So Stressed Out They Were Making Themselves Sick

More reports are coming out from former staffers of Kamala Harris who’ve expressed fear that she could become president in the near future. Whether Biden voluntarily steps down or is forced to step down due to declining cognitive skills, staffers said her wrath should never reach the Oval Office. Biden, at 78 years old, is the oldest person to assume the US Presidency.

Staffers in the past have shared their experiences working in Kamala Harris’s toxic workplace and her outreach to the public didn’t do much better. She wasn’t able to get a single delegate in the 2020 Democratic Primary and beclowned herself in numerous debates. But there’s already been speculation about whether or not Biden will run for reelection. It is only six months into his first term and there have already been concerns about his cognitive abilities.

Staffers said they spoke “on condition of anonymity” to protect professional relationships and emphasized that Harris could be within reach to become one of the most powerful people on the planet. They said they didn’t want to be “targets of wrath.”

The staffers went on to explain that VP Harris treats the office with a “reactionary attitude” and a sense of paranoia where you didn’t know if she was going to snap. One staffer told a Business Insider reporter that Harris made staffers so stressed out that they were making themselves sick. “Is that toxic? I don’t know?” The staffer asked.

Another said that they sought therapy after having a post-traumatic stress episode from “on-the-job abuse.” Harris set the atmosphere where she and Chief of Staff Tina Flornoy frequently took their anger out on low-level staffers for slip-ups or miscommunication,

This rings similar to the Daily Wire article where staffers described the vice president’s management style as “abusive” and one where people are “thrown under the bus from the very top.” Some people have even gone so far as to suggest that Harris’s management style is sexist. They explained that it’s not a healthy environment and that people are often mistreated, instead of feeling supported.

But White House officials have tried to clean up the mess and deny the allegations as nothing more than a “whisper campaign designed to sabotage her.”

But the gossip hasn’t stopped. People have gone so far as to suggest that if Harris takes over, she would make Biden look like a conservative. More staffers and aides from her time as California’s attorney general and senator are speaking up to the stories and how they were treated by Harris. One person said that she had a reputation for “churning through interns and lower-level staff,” often berating them when she didn’t think they were prepared enough for briefings.

Even Barbara O’Connor, a communications professor at California State University, said she’d worked in Harris’s offices and dealt with over 20 interns crying about working conditions under Harris. She helped five of their transfer to other employers.

It’s not an argument against a strong woman, it’s an argument against someone who makes staffers so stressed out that they were making themselves sick. This woman wasn’t fit to be VP, let alone the President.

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