Reporter Asks About Defunding The Police & Biden Comments Back About Sucking The Blood Out Of Kids

President Joe Biden’s comments seem to be getting stranger by the day. While he got a ton of media attention for whispering numerous times throughout a June press conference, Biden also lashed out with a weird response to a reporter who asked if he’s for defunding the police.

Defunding the police was one of the key issues in Biden’s recent CNN town hall event. He falsely claimed that crime rates were down and that he’d fulfilled his promise to “build back better.”

Reporter Shelby Talcott asked Biden he was for defunding the police, in which he replied no. When the reporter asked if there are any people in the Democratic Party who want to defund the police, then Biden lashed back with his bizarre vampire answer.

“Are there people in the Republican Party who think we’re sucking the blood out of kids?” Biden responded.

This isn’t the first time Biden brought up sucking the blood of children. He also mentioned it on the town hall stage to try and point out the absurdity of QANON conspiracy theorists. “The idea that the Democrats or the Biden is hiding people and sucking the blood of children, no I’m serious, that’s the — Now you may not like me and that’s your right. This is not who we are,” he said.

Talcott looked extremely thrown off by Biden’s response and replied “I’m not sure.” She’d asked a question about the Democratic Party defunding the police and had gotten a strange question from the president about a bizarre conspiracy theory. If that doesn’t show Biden’s cognitive decline, I’m not sure what does.

Attorney Jenna Ellis tweeted out and asked if anyone else was concerned about how “obsessed” Joe Biden is with sucking the blood out of kids. Blaze Reporter Elijah Schaffer pointed out that he loved that Talcott was able to get Joe Biden to admit he’s aware people think he drinks the blood of children and that it was on the tip of his tongue as if it’s something he thinks about. “Do you think about this often Joe?” Schaffer tweeted.

President Biden and the rest of the Democratic Party have continued distancing themselves from “defund the police” movements as polls from a majority of Americans show overwhelming support for law enforcement and concern with rising crime rates across Dem-run cities.

Violent felonies have been reported 30% higher in most major cities that even White House press secretary Jen Psaki is trying to backtrack the damage Dems have done. She even claimed that Republicans wanted to defund the police departments nationwide by voting against the American Rescue Plan. She said that the plan would help ensure that local cops were kept on the beat in communities across the country, adding that it didn’t receive a single Republican vote.

Some members like Julian Castro, the failed 2020 Democratic presidential candidate, have suggested the idea of “rethinking” policing in America. Radical Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has also emphasized that “defunding police means defunding police” and has called numerous times for the New York Police Department to strip more than a billion dollars from their budget.

But some Democratic members, like President Biden himself, have just resorted to answering legitimate questions about defunding the police with bizarre questions. You can’t get a solid stance on where they stand as a political party. But I guess you can’t blame Biden for his answer. He’s used to talking about his favorite flavor of ice cream.

Either way, if he didn’t care about the claims Republicans make on Democrats defunding the police then he should’ve just said “no comment.” If former President Donald Trump had said something about sucking the blood out of kids, then the press would’ve had this story dominating the headlines for a week. But the mainstream media brushed it under the carpet that it’s just another Biden blunder.

Biden failed to mention any specific Republicans who’ve made such claims and responded with such a specific answer that you’ve got to wonder what was on his mind. At this point, President Biden just looks like a senile old man who makes false accusations that end up being exactly what they are doing. He’s also made jokes about election fraud.

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