Posts About Cuba’s Communist Dictatorship Puts The Biden Administration To Shame

Millions of Cubans have taken to the streets to end Cuba’s 62-year communist dictatorship, a brutal system that has been so praised by the radical left. The response from the Biden Administration was far more comical and full of excuses than you’d ever imagine.

Acting Assistant Secretary of State for Western Hemisphere Affairs Julie Chung first tweeted that “peaceful protests” were growing in Cuba as Cubans exercise their “right to peaceful assembly” and express concerns about COVID-10 cases. She wrote that we are deeply concerned by “calls to combat” in Cuba and that they “call for calm and condemn any violence.”

Twitter critics went after Chung explaining how Cuba has been under a revolution for almost 62 years now and that nobody has had a “right” to peacefully protest against Cuban socialism. Anyone protesting against Cuba would be considered an enemy of the state.

Others pointed out how thin the protesters looked in the pictures. Even political analyst Bill Kristol called out Chung’s tweet and said it would be good if the U.S government-supported people who were asking for democracy and freedom.

The protesters were not fighting against COVID-19 mismanagement, but for a lack of food and medical supplies. They took to the streets wearing rags and with buildings in shambles all around them. They took over the Communist Party headquarters, overturned rich party officials’ expensive cars, and overran the Young Communist League Headquarters. Even the police in Santiago de Cuba joined in the protests.

Texas Sen. Ted Cruz tweeted out that the Communist Cuban regime has brutalized and denied the freedom to generations of Cubans. He wrote that it forced “my family and so many others” to flee and that the American people stand squarely with the men and women of Cuba and their noble fight for liberty.

Following the protests, Cuba has even started shutting down the internet multiple times in the last few hours, with reports that the phone lines services are being cut off. Economist Steve Hanke tweeted that this was straight out of the Communist playbook: “censor and intimidate at all costs.”

After shutting down the internet and thousands taking to the streets, the White House wants to excuse it for a little COVID-19 mismanagement. They want to phrase their statements as carefully as they can without using the words socialism or communism, which is the economic system responsible for the economic hardship, suffering, and repression of the Cuban people.

President Biden also tweeted a carefully crafted statement: “We stand with the Cuban people as they bravely assert their fundamental and universal rights, and as they all call for freedom and relief from the tragic grip of the pandemic and from the decades of repression and economic suffering.”

Many responded that the “economic suffering” they were fighting against was socialism. One user wrote that they were protesting a “repressive communist government” but that Biden can’t say that because it is exactly what he supports.

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis wrote the kind of statement you’d expect from an American politician. “Florida supports the people of Cuba as they take to the streets against the tyrannical regime in Havana. The Cuban dictatorship has repressed the people of Cuba for decades & is now trying to silence those who have the courage to speak out against its disastrous policies.”

Even CNN wrote in their headlines “Cubans take to streets in rare protests over lack of freedoms and worsening economy.” They didn’t mention COVID-19 mismanagement until the 10th paragraph.

Posts from De Santis, Cruz, and practically everybody else put the Biden Administration’s statement to shame. The only thing President Biden is allowed to talk about is the coronavirus and guns. Everything else gets twisted into a radical-left narrative.

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