Newsom Gets Sued By Two Parent Groups For School Mask Mandates

Two California parent groups, Reopen California Schools and Let Them Breathe, are suing Gov. Gavin Newsom and the California Department of Public Health after claiming that the reopening protocols for the school do not help students, but harm them. They said that kids have suffered for a year now and deserve to return to some normalcy. With more schools reopening, there are more Dems wanting to run them like it’s 2020. Parents have had enough.

“The state has not considered the harms that these provisions have and really hasn’t cited using good data to make their decisions. The state-mandated this because it’s easier to do this, not necessarily because of the scientific or data approach. To say or to act like the masks and some of the other protocols do no harm, that’s simply not true. They do harm and they impede education,” said Jonathan Zachreson, founder of Reopen California Schools.

The San Diego-based group Let Them Breathe has 13,000 members and filed their lawsuit in the San Diego Superior Court. They said kids have been more anxious, more depressed, and have difficulty engaging in their education when they don’t see other people’s faces. They said that the government should not be doing parents’ jobs and that Newsom’s mask mandate violates the Administrative Procedures Act.

Their lawsuit says that the state needs to recognize the “unique needs of each district and child” and that fully vaccinated individuals, both adults, and children, are not required to wear a mask at any time.

Let Them Breathe founder Sharon McKeeman said it was shocking they were at the point where they have to file a lawsuit just for kids to “engage in their education, share their smiles with people, and just feel comfortable breathing.”

Other studies have shown that masks don’t protect children from the virus and end up trapping CO2 and increasing the amount of it children are forced to inhale. Other studies have shown that the masks trap bacteria and fungi next to where children inhale.

Gov. Newsom also reinstates his indoor mask mandate as delta variant cases rise in the state. He warned that in-person learning would only be allowed if a “number of criteria were met,” even though parents complained that the state is already falling behind on their curriculum.

The Reopen California Schools Twitter posted that this will go down as one of the “darkest times in California” when kids were forgotten and special interests were rewarded. Republican assemblyman Kevin Kiley also pointed out that Newsom’s shutdowns have done more harm than good for the state. Kiley is running in the recall election to replace Newsom.

In response to closing schools, Kiley wrote that “you’d be hard-pressed to find any action by any governor that did more harm or for worse reasons.” The state also saw record homelessness, the highest gas prices in the nation, and more people leaving there than going there.

Zachreson said it was clear that the health department has decided to ignore the “overwhelming evidence” that shows children are at very low risk of being infected with COVID-19. He said that parents are demanding the return to a normal school year for the mental and physical recovery of California’s students. He said everyone endured months of isolation and spent the entire year in distance learning.

It’s clear that the fight is about control, not the masks. Scientists have had well over a year to gather data on how masks “stop the spread” and still find inconsistent links. But once Dems lose control of the children, they lose control of the power. If it’s not masks, it’s CRT.

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