Larry Elder Announces GOP Run In California Recall, Newsom Discovers He Can’t Register As A Democrat

Things for California Gov. Gavin Newsom only seem to be getting worse. He recently failed at blocking his recall efforts and even failed to properly register as a Democrat. According to a Sacramento County Superior Court Judge, Gov. Newsom will not be able to identify as a Democrat on the ballot in September’s recall election and that his circumstances “do not justify the excuse from the deadline.”

After the announcement was made about Newsom, Conservative radio host and filmmaker Larry Elder said he’s entering the California recall race to replace the state’s Democratic leadership. He is a leading voice among Black Republicans and respected by millions, saying he wants to turn California around and be represented in the recall. The official recall election is on Sept. 14

“I’m running for governor because the decline of California isn’t the fault of its people. Out government is what’s ruining the Golden State,” Elder said in a press statement.

Elder said Gov. Newsom was out of touch with Californians and that people are fed up. Between the devastating wildfires, a pandemic, power outages, rising homelessness, and a surge in violent crime, Newsom has come under fire for his leadership. He also drew many critics last year after breaking his own COVID-19 safety guidelines to attend a maskless dinner party at one of the most expensive restaurants in the state.

In a traditional Dem manner, Newsom has continued to blame the recall efforts and key issues on “White nationalists” and supporters of former President Donald Trump. Elder pushed back against this claim on television saying that he was trying to characterize this as a race against himself and a bunch of Trump-supporting white nationalists. “Now you’ve seen me on TV…do I look like a white nationalist?” Elder asked.

The state of California has declined rapidly in education, unemployment, and the economy, with people being paid not to work and business owners desperate to find workers. The governor’s standing even suffered from a multibillion-dollar fraud scandal at the state’s unemployment agency.

Elder pointed out that people continue to leave California with deadlier fire seasons, the rising cost of living, failing schools, failing power grid, and violent crime. Newsom has made himself cozier with the teachers’ unions than the parents of school children and has done nothing to empower the police forces dealing with the big city’s surge in crime.

A bombshell report was also released by the NPR that showed the governor had moved about $150 million out of the state’s forest management program as the threat of wildfires was growing and that he hadn’t completed as much work on forest management as he promised.

Elder’s website talks about how the government is ruining the Golden State and how he plans to save it.

“Our schools are closed to both students and their parents. Our streets aren’t safe from rising violent crimes or the disaster of rising homelessness. And the scandals of Sacramento aren’t going to stop on their own. It’s time to tell the truth. We’ve got a state to save,” Elder writes on his official website.

Elder said he has common sense and good judgment and that he understands the state since he was “born and raised here.” He said he knows it is a long shot but that he has a “fire in his belly” to see if he can do something about moving the needle in the right direction. He considers it a race between Gavin Newsom and him, adding that he doesn’t think about the other candidates.

Republican candidates have all pointed out Newsom’s “flop” of leadership. It’s just another indication that the state could turn red before you know it.

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