Biden Whispers A Lot In Bizarre Press Conference, Forgets Florida Tragedy (Kamala Steps In)

Every day, President Joe Biden proves to the American people that he has no clue what’s going on and what he’s talking about. While delivering a speech at the White , the President failed to acknowledge the tragic collapse of the Champlain Towers South Condo in Florida, which left one person dead and dozens still unaccounted for. I’m surprised Biden’s massive teleprompter didn’t remind him.

President Biden was finishing his speech at the White when VP Kamala Harris walked over to remind Biden to talk about the tragic event. President Biden didn’t seem to care and even laughed about needing to be reminded to address what happened. Harris then gave him the nod that it was okay to speak on the issue.

Joe Biden laughs about needing to be reminded to address the tragedy in Florida

— RNC Research (@RNCResearch) June 24, 2021

“Oh yes. I apologize. Thank you. Vice president. I have spoken with the mayor of -Dade was in my yesterday and talked to her not about that obviously and talked with her today and been in contact with the congresswoman who has that district. We have gotten in touch with FEMA,” President Biden said.

Biden even directly speaks to the people of Florida and says that “whatever help you want of the federal government to provide we’re waiting. Just ask us.”

Biden continued to confuse people during the press briefing when he started making suggestions about how employers in the nation can find more workers. Businesses have struggled to find employees and compete with increased unemployment benefits. But Biden, lacking all common sense, whispered to small business owners that they should simply “pay them more”

“This is an employee’s bargaining chip now. By the way, talking Inflation… No one’s talking about this great, great, you know… So, again, if it turns out what we’ve done so far is a mistake, it’s gonna show,” Biden said.

Biden argued that he got them “$1.9 trillion in relief so far.” “I wrote the on the environment…Pay them more,” he whispered.

This Joe Biden ASMR sucks

— The Daily Wire (@realDailyWire) June 24, 2021

People on social media called the bizarre press conference less of a cognitive decline and more of a “cognitive free fall.” Others argued that Biden isn’t “losing it,” but has already lost it.

Many people have called on President Biden to take a cognitive test, including congresswoman Lauren Boebert. She said that President Biden should have to take one because President Trump did too. She called his policies and comments directed at the southern border crisis “deliberate.”

“We’re not seeing any real answers at the border. To the ranchers who are having their property destroyed, harassing their livestock, to the cities that are being flooded with illegal aliens, this is a crisis. But to Joe Biden, this is Mission Accomplished,” Boebert said.

And to think that the mainstream media spent four years calling Trump an embarrassment. Even with note cards and a teleprompter, Biden is an incoherent babbler.

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